FC Porto: This was the party of Mateus Uribe's wife for which he and Agustn Marchesn were sanctioned


FC Porto The former Americans reported on the concentration of their team several hours late

MX: This was the party of Mateus Uribe's wife for which he and Agustn Marchesn were sanctioned

Lthe former soccer players of America and now members of Porto de Portugal Mateus Uribe and Agustn Marchesn, In addition to his teammates Luis Daz and Saravia, they were taken down from the Dragons' call for their Sunday game against the Boavista after reporting a considerable delay to the team concentration after attending a party hours before.

The party of Matheus Uribe's wife who did not like Porto

According to Portugal press reports, the players they obtained permission from Porto to be at the celebration until 11:00 p.m. However, everything will have spread until 5:00 in the morning Saturday

The Coach Srgio Conceio's words They showed an obvious annoyance for what he considers a lack of commitment to the team: "They have told me about two or three players and I want to highlight an expression I had a while ago. This representation of FC Porto is not enough to have a contract, you have to feel the club".

The situation was evaluated by the club as an act of indiscipline and the decision was made to separate the four players from the call for the match of the day 11 of the Portuguese League against Boavista.

It should be noted that the current situation of the team is not favorable, taking into account the hiring they have made to aim at great goals: in the local league they march seconds with 25 points, five from Benfica, and in the Europa Leaguethey are last of group G with four units, three of the first and the second (Young Boys from Switzerland and Rangers from Scotland).

Matheus Uribe and Luis Daz also they are summoned with the Colombian National Team for friendly against Peru and Ecuador, while Agustn Marchesn and Renzo Saravia They are part of Argentina's call to measure Brazil and Ururguay.

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