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FC Schalke 04: Stadium announcer makes for laughter in the arena – because he messed up this announcement completely

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Gelsenkirchen. The nonskiller got into it! Dirk Oberschulte-Beckmann, stadium announcer of the FC Schalke 04, unintentionally caused a laugh on Saturday.

Before the kickoff, the stadium announcer read as always the formation of the guest team Fortuna Dusseldorf. But apparently the stadium announcer of the FC Schalke 04 lately not intensively employed with the Fortuna.

FC Schalke 04: Stadium spokesman messed up the name of the Duesseldorf goalkeeper

The "quatscher", as Dirk Oberschulte-Beckmann is affectionately called by the fans, completely messed up the first name.

"In goal with the number 24, Stefan Zack," read the 57-year-old. Especially in the guest block should have made for plenty of laughs. The American in goal is namely Zack Steffen.

The live ticker of Fortuna Dusseldorf also attacked the slip of the tongue. "In our goal with the number 24, Stefan Zack '… so at least the stadium announcer. The apology comes promptly from a folder next to us: Sorry, guys. I have to apologize for the guy. He can not name foreign. He always has problems with that. '"


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If that's true, Dirk Oberschulte-Beckmann has hitherto been able to conceal this extremely well. A general problem with foreign names has not been noticed so far by the stadium spokesman of FC Schalke 04.

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