FCL fans have "beautified" the Bundesplatz


On Saturday evening at 9.30 pm: "Football fans paint the sidewalks at the Bundesplatz," reports one reader. On Sunday morning you can now see the result: Around the Bundesplatz the curbs are painted blue-white.

Football fans at work on Saturday evening at the Bundesplatz.

Passers-by stop and inspect the work, the police patrols. It is not the first such action: Who painted the bridge on Bleicherstrasse ?, Zentralplus asked at the beginning of the year.

In several places in the canton of Lucerne, you can find blue-white surfaces on concrete elements along roads and highways. But the local patriotic street designers have never appeared as prominently as in Neustadt.

The offense could be punished on request with imprisonment of up to three years or fines, the police said in similar actions.

More pictures from the Bundesplatz:

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