Federals: Ada Marra: a laughing eye, a crying eye – Switzerland


Ada Marra, who came in third, said he had a laughing eye and a crying eye. Because the mobilization of the left has been beautiful. "Unfortunately it was not enough. Sorry if I disappointed you, "said Ada Marra in front of her comrades left, a sob in her voice, once the outcome of the poll known.

Congratulating the winners, the national councilor said "to remain speechless in the face of the French Olivier. The lesson to be learned is that the SVP has mobilized in strength, "she said. "The right, which we thought was a little weakened, is here. Other factors come into play: for some, two women is too much, "added the Lausannoise.

As for being preceded by the green candidate, the Socialist said "take note. There was no striking. The left-wing element currently in the canton is the Greens. The Waldensians trusted Adele more than I did.

Ada Marra, however, will continue his fight at the National Council. "The files of the AVS, health will not be represented in the Council of States. We must not forget them. "

"There is inevitably a bit of sadness," added the president of the cantonal socialist party Jessica Jaccoud. The electorate preferred the left-right balance. He also wanted to give a strong signal on the climate issue. The green wave has continued, she said. (ats / The Morning)

Created: 10.11.2019, 15:39

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