Ferencvaros prolongs the pulse with the leader Fehervar


Sports writing, Nov 10 (EFE) .- The Ferencvaros thrashed at home to Debrecen (1-6) and expanded their pressure on the MOL Fehervar, leader of the Hungarian League that this weekend reaches the twelfth day.

Ferencvaros, Espanyol's next opponent in the Europa League, is tied to points with Fehervar, who beat Kasposvar (0-2) and who is at the top thanks to the goal difference.

Two goals from Roland Varga and two from the Norwegian Tokmac Chol Nguen, which were added by Brazil's Israel Barbosa and Lukacs Bole, sealed the visiting win. Norbert Kundrak scored the only goal of Debrecen, which is located at the equator of the standings.

Ferencvaros and Mol Fehervar are equal to twenty-six points, with two of advantage over Mezokovesd, which did not pass the draw against Zalagerszeg. EFE

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