Ferran and the VCF can with everything


Valencia resembles itself, releasing again that unmistakable competitive aroma with which Mestalla identifies. The collective strength of this team can with everything. Resists internal convulsions triggered by the club itself and the misfortune of injuries that already take the form of a pest. Yesterday he defeated Granada, in a tremendously worked match, solved with goals from Daniel Wass, an essential actor for his versatility in a team battered by injuries and Ferran Torres. Which player is Foios. A colossus In 97, with players and spectators stiff of fatigue, he finished off the contest with a play full of a super talent.

The three points are important because it is the third consecutive victory, because they face the team of Albert Celades in the privileged area of ​​the classification, after such internal turmoil. And because, beyond statistical aspects, the image of the black and white was that of a solid team, who managed the game against a demanding rival with temperance, dominance of the situation, and finally without offering so many defensive intrigues and with the goal to zero. Valencia once again exhibited what Mestalla already knows well, an innate ability to survive adversities. This time not before a marker, but to overcome the opposite stimulus of an injured partner. Geoffrey Kondogbia and Rodrigo Moreno fell, there are now nine members of the infirmary.

The Granada was presented with armor very similar to that of Lille. He is a rival with no known names, with plenty of Martinez on his squad, but extraordinarily organized and daring, with many players in the auction zone, an imaginative strategy and who puts pressure on the three quarters with Roberto Soldado dictating ferocity. It raised a high-speed meeting start that Valencia knew how to relax when its referents began to take shape. Especially with Rodrigo Moreno, always valued from his scoring regularity, which is discreet, but almost never from a collective contribution that is apparently invisible but always decisive. His reception and turn offered a solution to Rubik's cube, which was a defensive framework from Granada.

He was accompanied by Ferran Torres, who plays with his head high, like the extremes of the law, and was able to maneuver skillfully even though the opponent denied him spaces and stride option. Manu Vallejo contributed with some impulsive movements that have fallen in love with Mestalla.

While there were no clear scoring chances, the match was alive, full of nuances. Even Maxi Gomez and Soldier came to fight for the same ball in the core, in gladiatorial plan. Then Valencia accused a setback, the recurring nightmare of the puncture on the back of the thigh that appears after the first half hour. It was Geoffrey Kondogbia, eighth injured muscle that accumulates Celades team. A coincidence striking enough to open the debate, since in the 50th minute Rodrigo Moreno expanded the list with discomfort in the back. Whether due to the physical preparation or mental fatigue of a staff agitated by the traumatic changes in the project, Valencia is breaking up.

The team endured the guy with tactical strength, with the versatility of multipurpose such as Jaume Costa and Daniel Wass. Missing the spark of the goal, scored by Dani Parejo after a rhythmic triangulation with Ferran Torres. The goal was just canceled because Maxi Gomez, in positional offside, covered the viewing angle of goalkeeper Rui Silva. The controversial play increased the environmental pressure of a Mestalla by a couple of degrees, which should take more responsibility in the animation, which in recent years had completely delegated to the animation stand.

Valencia continued trying, with a good pulse in the touch, testing with lateral centers in which the Domingos Duarte plant was almost always the winner.

The insistence was rewarded with the goal of Wass. Another shipment from the band. Maxi Gomez whistled the first shot, but the ball reached the Danish player, who controlled with difficulties and flew at point blank range, with the body falling. Once again, the goal was submitted to the VAR supervisory suspension. But neither was Maxi out of play nor Wass's hand. The final gave the energetic push of Granada, a team unable to lose face to any game. The team of Diego Martinez crashed mostly at the ball. A header from Domingos Duarte was saved under sticks by Wass, capable of playing in any demarcation and champion of a Valencia that, against setbacks, resists and grows from the community. The goal voided by Gameiro offside was only the prelude to the final icing. With Granada delivered, a Cillessen goal kick was collected by Ferran Torres. It was the 97th minute, but it started almost from the park of La Alameda de Foios and propelled like a rocket, leaving opponents behind until they set up a left-handed squad. The necessary signal to warn that the VCF has returned, and that this season looks like Ferran's.

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