Final Copa Libertadores | Argentine Youtuber was surprised to see the Monumental: "It's a monster" [VIDEO] Copa Libertadores


I could not believe it. Last Tuesday, Conmebol decided that the final of the Copa Libertadores be played in Lima, exactly in the Monumental stadium of Sports University. The colossus of Ate will house more than 80 thousand people on November 23 and has already caused great astonishment on the continent.

Therefore, an Argentine youtuber called ‘Mirito ', recorded his reaction when he saw each part of the Monumental stadium and was surprised at how big the Ate stadium is. "How awesome, my God, it's a monster"the youtuber said he kept looking at the stadium, likewise, ‘Mirito’Highlighted the great stands and also the boxes of the sports venue.

The youtuber added that Conmebol had no better choice for the final of the Copa Libertadores than the monumental. “It’s the best stadium I’ve ever had, at least for pictures, how impressive, it’s so beautiful it will be full on November 23,” the Argentine added.

The video already has more than 30 thousand views in Youtube and has received thousands of comments where the presence of Peruvian fans is also seen. It is worth mentioning that tickets will be sold to the Peruvian public to attend the final of the Copa Libertadores.


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