First appearance of Harry and William after the documentary


ZIn addition to Brexit and the forthcoming elections, the relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry is probably one of the things that is currently preoccupying the United Kingdom. For a long time, the brothers were inseparable, and in the four-in-hand with their respective wives, they were dubbed "Fab Four," the fabulous Four. But the relationship between the two had recently gotten a crack: While Prince William appears as a showcase successor, Prince Harry has recently broken with his wife Meghan with more and more habits. Their first child they presented to the press only after a few days, the little Archie did not even get a royal title. Again and again there are rumors that the two wanted to move at least for a while from the UK, and finally appeared a few weeks ago a sensational documentary in which Harry and Meghan struck for the British royal house unusually open and critical tone.

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His brother and he just went their separate ways, Prince Harry explained there on demand. He loves William, but the two of them have "bad days" besides "good ones". British media cite palace sources, according to which Prince William was anything but excited about Harry's statements. The atmosphere could become frosty when the two meet in public on Saturday evening for the first time since the publication of the documentary. In Britain, the annual "Remembrance" weekend was celebrated commemorating the victim of the First World War. The royal family gathers for this occasion to several events, starting with a gala in the Royal Albert Hall.

Do they still like each other? William and Kate are in the front left, while Harry and Meghan on the right have to go to the second row.

So what kind of days belonged to this weekend? At first glance, the signs of "bad" piled up: The brothers arrived separately from each other. As Prince William and his wife Kate sat in the front row, Prince Harry and his Meghan were seated a few squares in row two, almost as if they had nothing to do with each other. The day after, Meghan was not even on the same balcony as Kate and the Queen.

Was that the case with the "Fab Four"? In fact, the spatial separation of the couples was much more due to the royal protocol than to the radio silence between the two princes. Who arrives when and where does depends on the place in the line of succession. As second in the ranking William sits thus further ahead than Harry, who only follows in sixth place. In the previous year, when the group seemed inseparable, the two had the same places. Duchess Meghan had also been moved out to another balcony last year because it simply did not fit in with it because of lack of space. At least Elke Budenbender, who was invited to the party together with her husband, the Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, was put on her side this year.

The "Fab Four" (and Prince Charles) on the way to the Christmas service in 2018.

On Sunday, Harry and William put a wreath together as part of the festivities – but here they followed the customs well. But one should not draw any premature conclusions from their serious expressions: they had already set that up last year. As it is actually the "Fab Four" since the documentation, so for now only they will know themselves. Fortunately, the British have been more than experienced in dealing with uncertainties since Brexit.

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