Fish with a "human face" intrigues web users


You think you have seen everything? Think again. A strange fish, seemingly possessing a "human face", has been spotted in a lake in China and has generated questions and panic among Internet users. Indeed, some people who viewed the video posted on social networks are totally frightened by the creature.

Discover today a really strange fish, which shocked many Internet users on the web … This is a very unusual carp, which was spotted in a lake in China and seems to have strange marks on the face, giving him the appearance of wearing a human face.

A visitor from a village outside Kunming City, in southern China, recorded a video of the scary fish.

fish head human face

The video was shared on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform. In the sequence, we can see the fish swim to the edge of the lake and show its head on the surface of the water.

Indeed, on the head of the fish, there are black marks reminiscent of two eyes, a nose (two vertical lines) and a mouth (a horizontal line). In the video, we can hear a woman say, " The fish has turned into a fairy! ".

fish head human face

Following the viewing of the video, many people were clearly frightened by the fish. Some commented, " It's frightening ". Subsequently, it was also shared on Twitter, by the user @Unexplained.

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We let you enjoy:

" Pu **** from me *** Exclaimed a user. Someone else wrote, " I'm so panicked right now! ".

And you, what do you think of this animal?

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