Fish with "human" face spotted in China – video


A visitor to a village in southern China was stunned to discover a fish whose head was reminiscent of a human face. A video shows this famous carp whose features seem to draw a mouth, nose and eyes of being human.

An extraordinary creature was discovered by a visitor to Miao Village, a tourist destination near Kunming City. A woman filmed a carp whose head resembled a human face with a mouth, a nose and eyes.

The author of the video was so amazed by the animal that she launched, "This fish has become a fairy," according to the Daily Mail.

Internet users were also impressed by this 15-second sequence that went viral first on Weibo and then on Twitter.

"It's scary," "Who will dare to eat it?", They wrote.

Carps carry marks that can create the illusion of a human face, but seeing a similar one is rare.

In 2010, a British man discovered that a carp bought five months ago was starting to develop human-like tasks. The fish had been estimated at 40,000 pounds sterling.

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