Fitbit now belongs to Google – warn consumer advocates


Google has bought the fitness tracker provider Fitbit. The Consumer Protection Center of North Rhine-Westphalia is worried: What happens to the personal data?

In early November, Google has bought the fitness tracker Fitbit. Thus, the Internet company will be able to access the stored fitness and health data of all 28 million active Fitbit users in the future. In a statement, Fitbit has promised that the collected user data should neither be sold nor used for advertising in the future. The consumer center of North Rhine-Westphalia, however, sees this critically: users would first have to believe that and trust that this promise will be kept. A similar promise but there was also by Facebook in the acquisition of Whatsapp – and was broken two years later.

Fitbit users who want to prevent their data from going to Google in the first place must delete their account. But they are willing to accept that not all Fitbit services will work without an account, according to consumer advocates. But before deleting the account you should download your data. This is possible in the settings on the Fitbit website (click on the gear in the top right corner) and there in the "Data export" section. The account can be deleted under "Personal settings". (AP)

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