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In two missions, five policemen have been injured in Essen. One act was committed in Frohnhausen, the other at the main station.

Five injured policemen in Essen in just one weekend

In two operations, a total of five police officers were injured this weekend in the city. One act took place in Frohnhausen, the other in Essen main station.

The police had been called on Saturday at 17:55 clock to Frohnhausen on the Kerckhoffstrabe. The parents of a 27-year-old had sounded the alarm. Because the man did not want to leave the apartment in which the couple lives. He was aggressive, reported the parents of the police, and it was already in the past.

Police had to request reinforcements

When the police asked the man to leave the apartment, he refused, resisting the police officers' attempt to grab his arm and lead him out of the apartment. Due to the resistance of the 27-year-old an official was injured, so that the police initially requested reinforcements. When another patrol car arrived, the man was again asked to leave the apartment. Here are more articles, pictures and videos from Essen

However, he continued to refuse and attack the police when they tried to grab him. The 27-year-old made considerable resistance and injured a total of four police officers until he could finally be fixed. He was taken to a hospital with an ambulance and then admitted to a specialist clinic. Two of the four injured police officers are now temporarily incapacitated.

Federal police were called to the platform

The second operation took place during the night on Friday, but was announced by the Federal Police, which is responsible for the stations, only on Sunday.

After that, three men are suspected of rioting in the main train station. It should have gone to a garbage bin on a platform to break. When the federal police were called by witnesses and came to the scene, the three Germans, who were drunk, mobbed the security forces with vulgar words.

The suspects were brought to the guard at Essen Central Station. One of the three attacked a policeman again, but the policeman was able to ward off the attack. The suspects are 19 and 20 years old.

Four police officers were injured during a deployment on Saturday evening in Essen-Frohnhausen. Three had to go to hospital, two of them are incapacitated.

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