Florent Halle (Le Portel) seriously injured his leg Sunday


These are images that we do not like to see on a football field. So brilliant the past season to the point of being sacred player northerner 2018/2019 following his avalanche of goals in R1, Florent Halle remained on the ground late in the game on Sunday, when the referee was about to whistle the end of this Portel-Grande-Synthe (2-2, goals of Theo Flahaut and Sofiane Binagot for the Portel).

For at least twenty minutes, he remained on the ground, then was evacuated by firefighters to the hospital of Boulogne. At the base, an action along the sidelines, an opponent's pushchair and Halle ending in the barrier, with a scream at the key. Glazing. There was a strong fear on Sunday night of a serious leg injury and a very long downtime. A blow to this charming boy to whom we obviously wish a speedy recovery.

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