Florentino Perez hangs up the phone! Switch to Messi for Real Madrid


The status of Real Madrid during the summer it was different from today. In the past market, Florentino Perez He did his best to hire a former soccer player from Barcelona, but the negotiations did not take place. Now the roles have changed and the whites are no longer interested. Is about Neymar, who wanted to change to Messi for the ‘White House’ and has run out of nothing.

The attacker’s father PSG has contacted the leadership of Real Madrid to offer the signing of your child. In Paris, the absolute prominence is of Kylian Mbappe and ‘Ney’ doesn't want to repeat the story of living in the shadow of another crack.

Neymar ceased to be Florentino Perez's dream

Florentino Perez has responded to the offer forcefully, because he does not want attackers, unless it is Mbappe himself. Whites are making a big bet to shoot young people like Rodrygo Y Vinicius, that they are not only the future, but also the present of the club.

Neymar is desperate to leave the PSG, because the club, fans and coaching staff still distrust their commitment. The goals have not been able to cover his desire to flee the French team during the summer.

Today the Brazilian regrets more than ever his departure from Barcelona in search of personal interests. At that time he was the third after Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to get the Golden Ball In some years. Today he does not appear among the first 30 players nominated to win the prize. He changed Neymar's life completely in these two seasons, but he is still 27 years old and can return to the level he is accustomed to the world of football. The sure thing is that your recovery will not happen in the Real Madrid from Florentino Perez.

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