FOOTBALL: Camon does not stop anymore!


The US Camon has just won a third straight victory this afternoon by winning on Marck's 0-1 field.

The Camonois opened the scoring in the first period. After a big first chance of Zahir Zerdab, started by Da Veiga who eliminated two players. But the ball from the center-forward Picard who had preceded the goalkeeper was clear of extreme accuracy by a defender marckois. But soon after, Isambart crosses and a hand marckoise allowed Camon to get a penalty that transformed Zerdab (0-1).

Subsequently, Marck pushed but being hardly dangerous. Only a center recessed poorly followed by a shot by a striker alone at 6 meters put Josse in value. Camon then reached half-time with a short advantage of a goal.

In the second half Marck continued to push and on a new center, Josse had to intervene on a head under the bar. After 15 minutes of pressure, however, it was Camon who got back on track and began to create situations like when Isambart, having eliminated two opponents, missed the frame very little or a cross shot by Pechin grazing the purpose of the premises.

At the end of the match, Marck left the front and hit the bar once on a shot from the entrance to the surface before Josse in turn diverts a strike marckoise on his bar, following a new center back . The Camonois then managed to hold when it was necessary, the Marckois will not come back anymore. Camon returns from the Pas-de-Calais with a new victory, which allows them to take the 3rd position in the standings.

Marck – Camon : 0-1 (0-1)

Goal : Zerdab

Camon : Josse – Ameur, Delgove, Nagy, Dos Santos – Lomboto, Pechin – Da Veiga, Isambart, Gomes Monteiro – Zerdab

incoming : Arzalai, Rosine, Goyet


Photo credit: Audrey Louette – Gazettesports

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