Football: Erfurt disappointed against Lichtenberg


RWE breaks in at the end

At the beginning of the second half Erfurt again put more pressure, but remained harmless. Instead, the hosts increased to 2: 0 by a free kick by Gawe, Sebastian Reiniger headed into the goal (72). In the final phase, the Erfurt then broke apart. Only David Hollwitz succeeded in the 83rd minute, the 3-0 penalty – Benya boy-Abiol had been placed in the penalty area. In the 88th minute boy-Abiol increased after a sprint over half the field then even to 4: 0. It remained, referee Christian Allwardt whistled over punctual.

That's what the coaches said

Tomas Brdaric (Erfurt): "There is nothing in the way of a 0: 4 result, but what we wanted and what we did not do – that's the result at the end – we wanted to act out of a compact defense , have played good diagonal balls and unfortunately again not the precision to get a clean finish in front.This is basically our problem.So you can talk all around the pulp.We have done a lot with the team this week, a lot of talking That's why it's a very bitter result for us again, we have to face it and we will not run away, but not just say the coach is the culprit, next week's the cup game and we'll attack again "

Uwe Lehmann (Lichtenberg): "Football-wise, both teams played with a similar conception, and then it's usually the case that you need a certain self-image, and that's when we saw that this is currently the case with my team Elsewhere, Erfurt put pressure on us in the second half with Physis, but we did a good job against that, and then I'm happy for young Abiol that he's rewarded in the back Association, that we currently have so many points, we can classify that correctly and know that this has been very good so far. "

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