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Two schemes have proved successful at Stade-Lausanne-Ouchy this season. The first is the one that the SLO has been doing for years and which has earned so much praise at the beginning of the year. Play, spontaneity, acceleration: in short, the DNA of this team. But the Stadists also proved that they are able to leave the ball to the opponent, to curl up in defense to better hit against. A plan that paid off at Chiasso's reception in the league and nearly opened the quarter-finals of the Coupe des Lausannois du bas.

In both cases, the neo-promoted needs a non-negligible dose of patience to get by. Either to accept to undergo an hour and a half during, or to seek the breach, which opens much less easily in Challenge League than at the lower level. This did not seem to be a problem for anyone at the beginning of the season. Regardless of the events or the headwinds, the time of the SLO finally came. Because his players restarted the assault again and again, without ever denying their principles.

On Sunday in Kriens, Andrea Binotto's men surprised by an impatience that does not resemble them. In fact, visitors have never really relied on their qualities. No, Roland Ndongo's game on the left wing will not go down in history. But the only balloons that the winger saw in his field of action came from long air openings. Not exactly the area in which he is most comfortable.

With the ball, the Lausannois favored an ultravertical game that divided them more than anything else. Without a balloon, they committed avoidable mistakes in a hurry. Two of them also gave free kicks that brought the first two successes Lucernoises. The 3-0? A breeze for SC Kriens, who saw his opponents throw themselves one after the other on the ball carrier.

SLO has the right to lose. Nothing more normal for a neo-promoted who lives the first season of its history in Challenge League. But he has no right to betray what has led to success. Sunday, the SLO was not alike.

Kriens – Stade-Lausanne-Ouchy 3-0 (3-0)

Kleinfeld, 1250 spectators. Referee: Mr Wolfensberger.

goals: 25th Elvedi 1-0; 30th Abubakar 2-0; 45th Tadic 3-0.

Kriens: Osigwe; Costa, Elvedi, Fah, Mijatovic; Kukeli, Burgisser (82nd Wiget); Siegrist (63e Teixeira), Abubakar, Follonier (53rd Dzonlagic); Tadic (63rd Sadrijaj). Coach: Bruno Berner.

Stade-Lausanne: Barroca; Danner, Way, Mfuyi, Samandjeu; Perrier, Gaillard (46th Dalvand); Parapar (70th Delley), Gazzetta (46th Lahiouel), Ndongo (57th Amdouni); Eleouet. Coach: Andrea Binotto.

Warning: Danner (77th, hard game).

Expulsion: Delley (81st, hard game).

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