Football – Ligue 1 – OM / OL – Ligue 1: the duel Moussa Dembele (OL) – Dario Benedetto (OM) in statistics


Benedetto and Dembele face off for the first time this Sunday. (A. Martin / The Team)

Ligue 1 – OM / OL

The scorers of OL and OM, who clash on Sunday during the clash between Lyon and Marseille (21 hours), have different characteristics.

The most effective: Moussa Dembele

Eleven matches, ten starts, eight goals. In the wake of a big start to the season (three goals in two games against Monaco and Angers), the striker of OL Moussa Dembele realizes a first third of championship of very high level. Opposite, Marseillais Dario Benedetto, who has participated in all matches of OM in L1 this season (12, including 11 as holder), scored five goals, one goal every 194 minutes. A ratio lower than the French, which marks every 110 minutes.

Dembele scored more often, while he shot as much as the Argentine (2.7 shots / 90 mins against 2.8 shots / 90 mins). He scored one goal every 3.3 shots (6 for Benedetto).

The most complete: Moussa Dembele

Left foot, right foot, head, penalty … The international Espoirs (23 caps, 13 goals) knows everything well. The right-hander mostly scores his goals with his good foot (6 goals) – a goal from the head, a goal from the left – while Benedetto is more comfortable with his bad foot. OM's number 9 scored two goals from the left, one less than with his good foot. But unlike Dembele, he did not convert the only penalty he tried (against Nantes, August 17).

The most altruistic: Dario Benedetto

The Argentine score less, ok, but he participates more in the game of his team. On average, he gets 35.4 balls / 90 mins, a little more than Moussa Dembele (31.5). Logically, he made more passes (20.5 / 90 mins, against 12.3) than the former Celtic striker, even if he is a bit less precise (67% of successful passes against 71%). And since Dembele touches more balloons in the opposing area (5.3 ball / 90 mins against 3.9), we understand that the Argentine tends to more dezoner, simply.

Interview with Dario Benedetto (OM): "I always play with the heart"

Finally, the two scorers play practically the same number of duels (11.6 / 90 mins for Benedetto, 12.1 for Dembele), and win almost as much (41% of duels won for the Argentine, 37% for the French ).

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