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Lothar Matthaus, why are Swiss players so popular in the Bundesliga?

This is due to several factors. First, they understand the language and know the German mentality. Then they benefited from a very good training in Switzerland. Swiss football not only scores well with the national team, but even youth teams have performed well over the last two decades. But I think you have an advantage when you know the mentality and language of a country.

Who do you think is the best Swiss Bundesliga player?

We have a lot of Swiss players in the Bundesliga, but I think that Yann Sommer is currently having a very good season with MOnchengladbach. There are a lot of Swiss goalkeepers in Germany, but I would say that Yann Sommer is the most consistent and important player for his team.

After the harsh criticisms suffered by Lucien Favre at the end of October, how do you judge it today?

Favre is still a good coach, he has done a good job in Dortmund so far. He was not criticized for what he did with the team, but for the level he did not manage to pass to the team. If he could show a slightly more passionate attitude … On this point, I think he has begun to improve since three or four matches. We feel a change: the Lucien Favre of these last weeks is not the same as that of the beginning of the season. He has adapted better to Dortmund … much like his predecessor Jurgen Klopp. He has developed good relationships with his players. It's important to have this closeness with the players. It's these kind of little things that can make a difference. In Dortmund, everyone was aware that he was professional, that he had a perfect command of the terrain, the tactics and that he had the gift of making his players better. But football is a sport of emotions and that's what he missed, especially in Dortmund, a club with such fervor, such a passion.

Do you think that the recent results have altered the critics?

A coach lives because of the results and performance of his players. And in the Champions League match against Inter Milan, where you are led by two goals against an Italian team (so deemed solid), that you get to reverse the situation and you see the attitude of the players, it shows that the group is behind his coach. This was not the case a few weeks ago. Besides, Favre was really affected by this situation. But he knew how to be a little warmer with his players. He has changed and I think the players have welcomed his attitude.

Is Favre the coach who can make Dortmund a champion?

I am convinced that, with Lucien Favre, Dortmund has a coach who can also win titles, even if he has not done so for a long time. The Swiss technician won the last title in Zurich 13 years ago. But yes, he has a good team, an excellent club and if someone in the Bundesliga is able to dethrone Bayern, it is Borussia Dortmund. Not only thanks to his coach, but also thanks to the quality of his staff.

Who should be Bayern's new coach? What is the ideal profile?

The profile of the coach will be important. But, more importantly, Bayern leaders, be it Rummenigge, Hoeness and Salihamidzic, will have full confidence and support from the current coach. That's what was missing from time to time with Niko Kovac. It is also essential that Bayern Munich have a coach who understands the German language. Then he must have the experience of big clubs, he has won titles and he knows how to manage players of international caliber. Finally he will have to bring his own philosophy to the club. Bayern Munich is not a club like Ajax Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Benfica Lisbon or FC Porto who have their own style of play. It's more like a club that says "Ok, we take good players and the coach can then decide in which system he plays. "Bayern play in 4-2-3-1, but you can change system in modern football. In any case, the most important for me is that everyone in the club is unanimous in the choice of this new coach. They have to make sure, together, that the Niko Kovac case does not happen again. A coach needs club support.

If you could choose: which player would you like to see one day in the Bundesliga?

I am an absolute fan of Messi, so obviously it would be great if such a player plays in the Bundesliga. It would be great for the Bundesliga and German football. But here we are in fantasy because I am convinced that Messi will end his career in Barcelona.

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