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In recent weeks, FC Sion was doing pretty badly when Stephane Henchoz was still sitting on his bench. It does not necessarily go much better after the resignation of the technician Friborg. In Zurich, the club Valais failed to raise the bar and out of the crisis in which it is stuck for a final victory in the league dating back to September 21 in Neuchatel (3-1 against Xamax). If they appeared a little less amorphous and especially more concerned, his players have nevertheless proven right Henchoz, who said he did not recognize himself in a group unable to do violence. While we watched for an awareness, there was certainly a shy reaction of pride, but it proved to be clearly insufficient over time to reverse the story.

What was eagerly awaited was to discover the Sunday composition of FC Sion. Result? At Letzigrund, MM. Zermatten and Bichard have rebranded the cards to come out an unlikely eleven, concocting a mix of elements of experience and hopes from the M21. In addition to the rehabilitation of the "banni" Bamert, defense partner in Ruiz, and the promotion of Aguilar in the middle, in the right corridor, the other strong measure was to condemn the too inconstant Kasami on the bench, also occupied by Uldrikis at the stroke of sending, and removing the ghostly Fortune.

FC Sion were leading 2-1

Very quickly led to the score consecutively to a center SchOnbachler taken over by Kramer, Sion could have cracked early in the game already, which he did not do. Better, the visitors were going to get back in the direction of the walk, what a team completely at the street would probably not then realized – the sign also of a potential only asking to express themselves. After Toma's equalizer, converting a Maceiras center from a nice volley, Sion would even take the lead when Lenjani, prior to Brecher's exit, could exploit a Toma service, which had just escaped Kololli, very little to his advantage as a lateral.

Very pleasant to follow because played on a high rhythm, the match was also to offer a slew of opportunities on both sides. The Valaisans, who seemed happy to practice their profession, took care at least three before the break, the sharpest having fallen to Lenjani, who had the mistake of procrastinating after having managed a first hook (34th), while the Zurich did not remain the rest, Marchesano, a very pure shot unchecked more than 20m even finding the transverse (17th). When Nathan, in the first half of the game, put everyone back on a par with twice (head first, then foot on Mitryushkin), it was not stolen for a Zurich who knew how to take advantage of the spaces that had left him his opponent. Although fragile in defense, Sion has been able to offer a more consistent offensive expression than during his last outings.

A fragility that would be expressed again when the recovery when SchOnbachler, in ambush at the far post, was able to exploit a Kramer center came from the left that all the Valais defense had let slip without reacting. Then Sion changed his pair of attackers, with Kasami's entry aligned with Itaitinga, Lenjani backing away from Abdellaoui. In pure loss. A Maceiras foul on SchOnbachler ruined Valais hopes of not leaving Zurich empty handed, Marchesano taking charge of the conversion of the penalty.

So yes, Sion may have shown desire and a willingness to do things better but without being rewarded in the end. After the international break, he will have to show something else at the level of defensive rigor on November 24 at the reception of YB. It is not sure that a new coach will be installed on the Tourbillon bench. The current interim could last until Christmas.

Nicolas Jacquier, Zurich

Zurich – Sion 4-2 (2-2)

Letzigrund, 8564 spectators.

Arbitrator: Mr. Klossner.

goals: 3rd Kramer 1-0, 7th Toma 1-1, 13th Lenjani 1-2, 45th Nathan 2-2, 49th SchOnbachler 3-2, 76th Marchesano (penalty) 4-2.

Zurich: Brecher; Ruegg, Nathan, Omeragic, Kololli (42nd Pa Modou); Janjicic (60th Britto), Domgjoni; Tosin, Marchesano (89th Ceesay), SchOnbachler; Kramer. Coach: L. Magnin.

If we: Mitryushkin; Maceiras, Bamert, Ruiz, Abdellaoui (65th Kasami); Aguilar (76th Uldrikis), Kouassi, Grgic, Toma; Lenjani, Patrick (48th Itaitinga). Coaches: C. Zermatten and S. Bichard.

Notes: Zurich without Kharabadze, H. Kryeziu, Mr. Kryeziu, Mahi (wounded), Sohm (suspended). Sion without Ndoye, Raphael, Song, Khasa, Adao, Zock, Doumbia (wounded), Fickentscher (convalescent), Andersson, Morgado, Barrenechea, Balthazar, Fortune, Philippe (not summoned). 17th: shot of Marchesano on the transverse.

warnings: 44th Lenjani, 61st Kouassi, 83rd Omeragic.

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