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Five goals scored two weeks ago, six one hundred hours later and five more this Sunday. And that without conceding a single one. In two weeks and three matches played against Stade-Lausanne-Ouchy, NE Xamax and Schaffhausen, the Lausanne-Sport has taken the pleasant habit of spraying all the defenses that come to the Pontaise. It's a shame that in the meantime there has been this misplaced move to Chiasso, which is ruining a particularly good time for the Challenge League leader. Without this misstep, the Waldensians today would count a more than comfortable lead on Grasshoppers who are still standing out as the only capable, over the length, to thwart the expected return of the LS Super League.

But we do not rewrite the story and the current margin of four lengths on GC has at least the advantage of preventing the Lausannois from falling into a slight euphoria – always harmful – when starting the last little break of the year. Before a final sprint of four matches that the LS will conclude precisely Letzigrund against the Locusts.

For his team to tackle this last straight in the best possible conditions, Giorgio Contini will certainly start by highlighting Tuesday, all that did not work against Schaffhausen. Because, despite this new river score, the LS did not start its match with the energy and inspiration necessary to bypass a compact and well organized opponent defense. Unable to change pace on a pitch returned, it is true, very difficult by extra pounds of sand, the leader has more worried than seduced his audience during a first half hour complicated. During this, Schaffhouse gradually took confidence to take care of the first big opportunity of the game. Fortunately for the Vaudois Missi Mezu, only three meters from Castella, missed the frame (18th).

The LS would get out of this difficult environment in five minutes, thanks to its two best elements and a big boost from their opponent. Particularly inspired, Dan Ndoye first claimed his power and speed to outflank Kronig and offer Zeqiri a ball that the attacker turned into gold (31).

Eleven against ten

Hardly time to say that the LS had perhaps done the hardest that Schaffhausen gave us reason. In the form of an incredible gift. A pass Lika very poorly dosed caused indeed the expulsion of goalkeeper Saipi (33). Kukuruzovic, the other strong man of the Pontaise Sunday, was then responsible for putting a premature end to the suspense with a free kick shot perfectly.

These two weeks of break, Giorgio Contini will also use them to allow his group to recover forces. Apart from Zeqiri and Ndoye, the two M21 internationals who will have to do battle with France, Tuesday in eight, in a crucial meeting for the qualification to the Euro, the Lausanne coach will have all his players, which he will reserve a lighter program . No friendly matches are expected during this break. Only a small opposition to Team Vaud M21 will be set up this Thursday. What to be ready to dig a little more gap with GC by Christmas.

Lausanne-Sport – Schaffhausen 5-0 (2-0)

Pontaise. 2136 spectators. Referee: Mr Piccolo.

goals: 31st Zeqiri 1-0, 37th Kukuruzovic 2-0, 49th Zeqiri 3-0, 54th Turkes (penalty) 4-0, 78th Schneuwly 5-0.

LS: Castella; Boranijasevic, Loosli, Monteiro, Flo; Geissmann (62nd Pasche), Kukuruzovic, Schneuwly (81st Oliveira); Ndoye (72nd Dominguez), Turkes, Zeqiri (62nd Koura).

Schaffhausen: Saipi; Qollaku, Mevlja, Belometti, Kronig (35th Heim); Muller, Lika (62nd Coulibaly); Sessolo, Tranquilli, Breitenmoser (54th Bajrami); Missi Mezu (54th Ze Turbo).

warnings: 15th Monteiro, 57th Zeqiri, 86th Tranquilli.

Expulsion: 33rd Saipi (taking voluntary ball off its surface).

Notes: LS without Puertas (injured), Nanizayamo, Sancidino and Cabral (not summoned). Schaffhausen without Del Toro (suspended), GOnitzer (sick), Bislimi, Bunjaku, Krasniqi, Menezes, Nikci and Vitija (wounded).

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