Football, this popular sport in a secular country


Of course, there is Casablanca, its population, its history, its football clubs whose prestigious Wydad and Raja gave us, last weekend, a sumptuous Derby that amazed the Arab world and does the chain's business. emiratia « Abu Dhabi sports "Who was in the throes of notoriety against media behemoths of Qatari networks; yes, of course, there is the formidable complex with its tifosis and its audience whose presence and fervor are equal to those of the arenas of Europe, Buenos Aires, Montevideo and elsewhere, yes of course there is all this and it is unavoidable, but it would be wrong to stop on Casa only. First, because it would be unfair and false even if many confreres want to believe, and believe themselves, that it was in Casablanca that everything was invented and that outside the economic megalopolis nothing, especially the balloon would not turn round anymore.

This is historically false and socially unfair, because Casablanca is this huge ocean on which rivers have flowed from all over Morocco.

It is to do justice to Moroccan football to say that apart from Casablanca, there was, there is and there will be football and this is a real providence, this is the true wealth of national football .

Raja and Wydad designated brand images of our football, would be wrong to indulge in this mirror of vanities polished by zealots. Certainly all eyes are on them, with the wealth that goes with: panels of the sports complex Mohammed V touting the products that want to enjoy the extraordinary visibility of the "Greens" and "Red", countless broadcasts, multiple pages on daily newspapers and weeklies, not to mention the proliferation on social networks and there is talk of millions of "views", all this is enough to capsize more than a head.

However, we must keep our reason.

As rich and well-publicized as they may be, Wydad and Raja will never be stronger than all the football in the Kingdom and those regions that have made history.

Watch out for this reality and balance is one of the first duties of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) which, as its name suggests, must federate and not promote.

What the Raja Wydad last Saturday counting for the Mohammed VI Cup and which was so well magnified on the UAE channels, must be a recognition of all the wealth of national football.

Well done to Casablanca, yes, but pride and praise must go to all the potentialities that have made Moroccan football what it is today. A football that is celebrated everywhere, in Fez, Oujda, Zmamra, El Jadida, Tangier, Tetouan or Laayoune as it was the case, the day before yesterday, Wednesday, on the occasion of the 44th anniversary of the Green March.

Moroccan football with its differences in means and problems of each other, must remain united and united. This requires the recognition of everyone to avoid resentment that feeds a sense of injustice.

What would be the point of two clubs, no matter how prestigious, if they pulled the blanket for themselves? A train is not made to drive without the wagons that justify the presence of locomotives.

The strength of some must benefit the weaknesses of others, otherwise the first will disappear as quickly as others.

That we welcome what happened Saturday at the Sports Complex Mohammed V, but it would be wrong to forget what is happening elsewhere and that, in the longer term, undermine this Moroccan football which last weekend was celebrated throughout the Arab world.

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