FOOTBALL: Victory still fleeing the Portuguese of Amiens


Benoit Sturbois's players were in the lead at half-time, scoring in a big time by Daoud Bourma just before the break (42 ', 1-0).

But the Portuguese retreated after the return of the locker room and Lambersart was dangerous on set pieces. It is precisely on a corner that the Nordists finally equalized by Bracaval (78 ', 1-1).

Finally, despite a desire to push late in the game to resume the lead, the score remained there and the Amiens come out of this match with a second draw in a row that does not allow them to take off from the 9th position.

Portuguese Amiens – Lambersart : 1-1 (1-0)

goals : Bourma (42 ') for Amiens; Bracaval (78 ') for Lambersart

Portuguese Amiens : Crepin – Ribeiro, Habbout, Delaporte, Following – Da Rocha, Bouazni – Garnier, Bourma, Zemmour – Derville

incoming : Chaari, Sturbois, Belharfi

Morgan Thatched Cottage

Photo credit: Audrey Louette – Gazettesports

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