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Two weeks ago, Granit Xhaka left the field under the whistles of Arsenal fans. Conscious, the captain of the Gunners had never since expressed himself. Our colleagues from the Sonntagsblick went to meet him before the team meeting in Switzerland. When asked how he is doing, he does not take a detour. "We can say that everything is very turbulent at this moment. Especially the last week which was, for me, a very emotional experience. But everything is fine again. I look forward to the next club games, but also to the Nati. "In the coming days, the midfielder will have the opportunity to find some serenity with the national team with two games against Georgia and Gibraltar.

This match against Crystal Palace and its exit under the boos, Xhaka remembers very well. "When my number appeared on the fourth referee's board, our own fans were jubilant. It really touched me. It was very painful and frustrating. Even today, I can not understand this reaction but especially the vehemence and the hostility towards me. "

Reviews on his salary

Since October 27, the Swiss international has been the target of many threats and other insults on social networks. His annual salary of 11 million francs is one of the main reasons for the attacks. "It does not give permission to insult me. Respect and decency towards one's neighbor and the appropriate treatment of criticism should be experienced regardless of status or income. I have always been aware of my responsibility as a member of a team towards the club and supporters. I treat them at all times in a polite way and take time for them. When constructive criticism or even harsher remarks are addressed to me, I try to answer calmly and objectively. As I said, if we get bad results, you have to endure that. I lived it both in Basel and MOnchengladbach. But what has happened here far exceeds what is tolerable. "

Since then, many observers have spoken of an imminent departure of Granit Xhaka. That this relationship with the supporters of Arsenal was no longer tenable for the continuation of the collaboration. The player does not close any door. "I'm assuming it's not over and I'm going to fight every practice. For me, last week is stricken from my memory and I'm ready for the future. "

The following, precisely, are the two qualifying meetings for Euro 2020. In case of success against Georgia and Gibraltar, Switzerland will be qualified. "To be honest with you, the Nati comes at the right time," laughed Granit Xhaka. I like to play for my country and I am already looking forward to being on the field for these qualifying matches. We are aware that two victories qualify us for the Euro, but there is never formality in football. We have too many examples that are there to remind us. If we play dominantly and tell the rhythm, I'm sure we'll win both games. "G.B.

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