For leaving rumba without permission, Diaz and Uribe are separated from the Porto staff


The sports newspaper ‘A Bola’, which is one of the most important and prestigious in the Portuguese country, said soccer players ‘coffee growers and Argentines Agustin Marchesin and Renzo Saravia breached the internal rules of the club and were separated from the staff.

"The four players did not comply with the curfew required by the coach, they were at the party until the early hours of the morning, and now they are under the discipline of FC Porto, ”said the form.

Teofilo Gutierrez

On the other hand, ‘Record’ said that the party was at Mateus Uribe's house, as he was celebrating his wife's 30th birthday, the renowned model Cindy Alvarez. “The celebration featured a DJ and an illusionist. In addition, the players went with their partners ”, the Portuguese media added.

Although Luis Diaz, Marchesin and Uribe are regular holders of the blue and white set, coach Sergio Conceicão made the decision not to take them into account for this weekend's commitment.

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