For Vucetich it is silly that Chivas has snubbed him by age


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After the former sports director of Chivas, Francisco Gabriel de Andawill reveal that Victor Manuel Vucetich He was his number one candidate to lead the Flock, but he had to rule him out because the board told him he didn't want a coach over 55, the coach of Roosters He said that what should be qualified in a person is the ability he has and not his years of life.

“With de Anda I have a relationship of many years, he knows me perfectly, maybe that's why he thought at any given time to have this position on me. The question of age I think is something that makes no sense, all CEOs in large companies are over 60 years, it is a Harvard study and CEO’s run large companies, because they have great capacity”, Mentioned Vuce.

"What should always be described in people is their ability, not their age. For me it is nonsense when capacity is not valued, instead of a simple birth certificate.

Vuce visited this Saturday at Chivas at Akron Stadiumwhere your team lost 3-2.

"We were wrong in the first part, we went out with an attitude that has not been ours and after that first goal, we received two, we made mistakes in exit that capitalized well them. The first time was theirs, the second ours, we were able to draw, we missed a penalty that would have given us the tie, we modified our attitude a lot, especially in the first part, it is something that we must correct and avoid in the future ”.

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