Form 1 | Hamilton does not want to stop there


Lewis Hamilton explained that he had never thought of one day achieving the track record that is his, and that is twice that of his idol, Ayrton Senna.

The Brit thinks that the dynamics within Mercedes will make it gain more.

"We have to keep giving everything because I know we can do even better, win more championships and races," Hamilton says.

"I grew up watching F1 and wanted to do like Ayrton (Senna)."

"If I could get to F1, it was good, if I could have three titles it was fantastic, and now that we've doubled that, it's really amazing."

According to him, the recipe for success is to go beyond the limits, whatever the circumstances: "In my mind, I'm very competitive, I think I have two races left, thinking about how to do a better job and progress in qualifying."

"There are two qualifying sessions left and I want two poles, and I'm wondering how to do a tour like Singapore last year, and how I'm going to work to be in front of both races. I love this sport and I am grateful that it gives me a life and a purpose in it. "

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