Form 1 | Hulkenberg evokes frustration at leaving F1


Nico Hulkenberg did not have the success he deserved in Formula 1 and believes that his career in the discipline has not allowed him to succeed what he expected after dominating the junior categories.

Except miracle, the German will leave the Formula 1 for lack of tub, at the end of this season, even if it does not exclude a return in 2021 if it is possible. Alfa Romeo having confirmed Antonio Giovinazzi this week, Hulkenberg would only have the Williams track to save his place. But he has neither the desire nor the budget to return to the team of his debut.

So it is probably without a podium (a record that unfortunately will bring to 177 Grands Prix at the end of the season) that the Renault F1 driver will leave after Abu Dhabi.

"Of course it's frustrating, it's frustrating not to have been able to keep up the momentum of my lower categories, obviously over time, with the passing years, we understand," comments Hulkenberg.

"The desire for trophies, for success, we can not say that it really flies away, but if you do not have the team, the car you need in F1, the right tools …. c is very difficult, the options are very limited to fight for this kind of places. "

"To live with that, you have to be interested in what may be the best thing next: beat your teammate, get the most out of your car, sign a good result compared to what you are given. you can actually. "

"So yes, you want more and you still dream of it but the reality is different Then you look elsewhere What is the best category besides the Formula 1? What alternative? Formula 1 is Formula 1, it means everything, it's the summit. "

"That's why it's not an option for me to say 'I'll go here or there' as long as I can have hope, and because I do not want it. drivers, the best teams, the best engineers, if I can come back in 2021, I'll do it. "

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