Former president of Honduras condemns attempted coup in Bolivia


November 9, 2019, 3:19 p.m.Tegucigalpa, Nov 9 (Prensa Latina) The former president of Honduras Manuel Zelaya today condemned the attempted coup d'etat by the right against the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales.

The current general coordinator of the Liberal Party, through the social network Twitter made a recount of the same operation against democracy carried out by the Honduran opposition on June 28, 2009, with which he was expelled from the Central American country by military forces.In this regard, he stressed that the action against him a decade ago militarized Honduras, and through corruption, drug trafficking, death squads, the people were impoverished and the economy went bankrupt.

In 2009, the then president intended to hold a popular consultation to convene a National Constituent Assembly with the intention of modifying the 1981 constitution.

However, the Supreme Court of Justice, together with the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, the Attorney General's Office and the National Congress opposed the consultation due to the influence of conservatives and opponents of the Government.

By June 28, the Army received the order issued by the Supreme Court to arrest the president. The military complied with the measure and expelled the president forcibly to Costa Rica.

Zelaya, before the scenario that the Bolivian people have been living since October 20, said on the digital platform that those who plan to overthrow Morales do not know the historical damage they will cause to their people.

He also described the actions of the opposition of the South American nation as a crime, which he described as a racist, colonialist and oppressive minority, which disrespects the will of the Bolivians expressed at the polls, 'with an unquestionable majority in favor of President Aymara' .

After ignoring the electoral results of last October 20, in which Morales obtained more than 47 percent of the votes, compared to 36 percent of his rival Carlos Mesa, coup maneuvers promoted by violent right-wing sectors were unleashed.

Given this situation, the Bolivian head of state called on Saturday a national dialogue with all sectors of the nation, with the purpose of reaching an agreement to defend peace and democracy.

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