found dead son woman found dead in Carmona Sevilla


                                    The son of the 84-year-old woman found dead in early October in Carmona (Seville) was found dead. The old woman had disappeared a few days before. The body of the son now found lifeless this Sunday also showed no signs of violence. According to the Civil Guard, the first indications suggest that the man could have ended his life by his own means.                                     </p><div>
                                    <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>The deceased was about 50 years old and was the son of Mercedes Marquez Munoz, the 84-year-old woman who lost track of the Carmonense town</strong> a day before his son, Juan Antonio, who was later located at his home on October 2.  

The address where Mercedes and her son lived in Carmona (Seville).

The mother's disappearance was reported along with that of her son on September 30, although he appeared safe and sound at his home two days later, and has now been found dead.

The body of the old woman was found on October 8 in an area very close to the municipality of Carmona – next to the road of Lora del Rio. The Civil Guard said then that the body showed no signs of violence. It was two neighbors from the town of Carmona who came across the corpse of the old woman while they were walking around her municipality. They notified the police themselves.

In the case of the son of Mercedes Marquez, It was also a private individual who has alerted the Emergency Telephone 112 in the early morning of this Sunday, warning of the location of a lifeless man in an area visible from the street, more specifically, on the balcony of his house passed away.


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