Frankfurt: Shots in front of Ikea branch – perpetrators on the run – Geldbote seriously injured


In a shootout after a raid a money courier was seriously injured in front of a Frankfurt Ikea branch.

  • In front of the Ikea furniture store in Frankfurt, a brutal robbery took place on Saturday (9 November).
  • In a firefight a messenger is seriously injured.
  • Police continue to search for culprits and warn.

Update from November 10, 2019, 14.11 clockAfter the robbery in front of an Ikea branch in Frankfurt, the police continue to search for the armed offender. The identity of the man is not known, said a police spokesman on Sunday to the news agency dpa,

Ikea Raid: Police find burned out car

Update 5.30 pm: The 56-year-old Geldbote came after the robbery in front of an Ikea branch in Frankfurt with serious injuries to the hospital, mortal dpa, according to information, but no.

The police also found a burnt out car near the scene in the afternoon. It may be related to the robbery, the police announced on Saturday afternoon. After the perpetrator is currently still being searched. He could possibly be armed.

Brutal raid in front of Ikea in Frankfurt

First message: Frankfurt – They deliver valuable cargo and are often the target of criminals: Also in Frankfurt, a messenger has been attacked and is now in the hospital with serious injuries.

Ikea branch in Frankfurt: firefight when attacking moneymen

When the 56-year-old left on Saturday morning (9 November 2019) with a cash box in his hands an Ikea branch in Frankfurt Nieder-Eschbach, attacked him on a side of the store suddenly. As reported by the dpa and various media, citing the Frankfurt police, it came in the course of the attack in the entrance area of ​​the furniture business to a shootout in which the money was seriously injured.

Attack on money messenger in front of Frankfurt Ikea – perpetrators on the run

Meanwhile, the as yet unknown attacker managed to escape with his prey. Information on how much money was in the cassette, there is currently not.

Now the forensics is investigating the crime scene and the police are looking for a man with black sweatpants and a hoodie. At the moment, the officials assume that they are single offenders.

After an exchange of fire in the attack on money messengers: Operation in Ikea branch continues

The operation in the Frankfurt Ikea branch could, however, continue despite the firefight; however, the crime scene in the entrance area was initially closed off. Among the many customers of the furniture store there were also no casualties, but they are now testifying as witnesses.

The Albanian capital Tirana also recently made a spectacular raid in which the robbers made a million-dollar loot.

Rubric list picture: © dpa / Frank Rumpenhorst

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