Fraudulent sites offering to buy shares are multiplying on the Net


The privatization of the Francaise des Jeux was launched Thursday, November 7, 2019. – AFP

"An opportunity in gold", "the good deal of the year" … The AMF warns against websites offering to acquire
actions of the Francaise des Jeux (FdJ) without being authorized, and called investors to vigilance.

In a statement, the regulator said he found "the appearance of several fraudulent websites" since the announcement of the privatization of the FDJ and recalls that "investment advice and subscription for shares on behalf of clients are regulated activities ".

"The sums disappear altogether"

On one of these sites, which uses the FDJ clover logo, but also those of major economic media, privatization appears as "a golden opportunity" or "the good deal of the year", and invites to leave his coordinates.

The AMF says it is regularly confronted with situations in which "the sums entrusted by individuals to false intermediaries simply disappear".

A blacklist of fraudulent sites

The Regafi (Register of Financial Agents) or the Orias (Single Registry of Insurance, Banking and Finance intermediaries) allow via their respective websites to consult the list of authorized services. The AMF, responsible in particular for investor information, also updates on its website
a blacklist of fraudulent sites.

Individuals have already asked for about 200 million euros of shares of the French Games, or "one third of the tranche" allocated to them, said Friday the Agency of State Participation (APE). The subscription of the shares started on Thursday and must continue until the eve of the IPO on 21 November of the FDJ via the sale by the State of 52% of the capital of the company.



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