Frustrated passengers: Large-scale police action because of climate protests at Tegel Airport


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Large-scale police action because of climate protests at Tegel Airport

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10.11.2019, Berlin: Demonstrators of the Alliance 10.11.2019, Berlin: Demonstrators of the Alliance

Disguised as penguins: Alliance demonstrators Staying on the ground blocked the main hall of Tegel Airport on Sunday

Source: dpa

A "symbolic action" should be the protests of climate activists at Tegel Airport. In fact, however, the necessary because of the demo barriers for strong disabilities.

MIn a large-scale operation, the Berlin police reacted to climate protests at the Tegel airport. Because the motorway exit leading to the airport was also closed for this, many passengers had to get off their taxis on Sunday and walk the last few meters to the airport on foot.

It came to traffic jams and traffic jams, many passengers responded therefore angrily. Long queues formed at the bus stops at the terminal. According to the police, air traffic was not hindered during the whole time.

Around 50 people demonstrated in the main building for reasons of climate protection against air traffic. Another 80 protested at some distance from the terminal on the airport grounds, a police spokesman said.

Under conditions, the police finally allowed a rally in the terminal. The conditions: No one was allowed to be disabled, the protests should not drown the airport announcements. That would have the demonstrators held, said the police spokesman.

The activists sometimes wore penguin costumes and held up banners calling for flight waiver. In the afternoon, the activists left the building, but continued to stay in front of it.

In a tweet They then complained about what they considered a disproportionate police response: "Unfortunately, the response of the police was completely inappropriate. Our spokeswoman was denied access and is in police custody with another person. What shoud that,@polizeiberlin?? "

Immediate suspension of all domestic and short haul flights

The protests had organized a group called Stay On the Ground. According to a spokeswoman for the group was a symbolic action: flight operations and passengers should not be disabled.

"Our protest is directed against aviation industry and politics and not against individual passengers," she said. The group calls for the immediate cessation of all domestic and short-haul flights as well as an expansion stop of any airport infrastructure.

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