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Applause for a good performance: Marco Ebert from FSV Hessen Wetzlar. Photo: Martin Weis

Applause for a good performance: Marco Ebert from FSV Hessen Wetzlar. Photo: Martin Weis

WETZLAR – Nobody remembered how the ball found its way into the net in the fifth minute of stoppage time. 36 feet scuttled at a corner for the SC Freiburg II through the Wetzlarer penalty area, finally found the right of Leonie Lorenz the ball and sank him for late and final 1: 1 (1: 0). A point that would have pleased football regional league FSV Hessen Wetzlar before the kick-off, but after the game was too little.

While the leaders did not appear as such, the city dwellers showed what they can do. Against the first they delivered on Sunday morning their best performance of the season and played Freiburg II, especially in the first half almost to the wall. The guests seemed at times stunned and perplexed and did not know what to do against the very robust boarding of the FSV.

Why the table first so far the best defense and the best attack? The answer to this question remained open. The defense was far too vulnerable if enough pressure. Anna Efimenko (20th) failed to keeper Rafaela Borggrafe. Shortly before the break, Maike Simbeck (42 ') narrowly missed out on a fine cross pass from Antonia Rau, then Rau (44'). There were three big chances against which only one side of the team from Breisgau faced. After a quarter of an hour, Janina Beffart brilliantly parried within a few seconds only a shot from Vanessa Ziegler (20) and then the rebound of Jessica Reinhardt. "If the ball had gone in there, the game would have been different," Freiburg coach Malte Herbers was sure. That was just as true for Wetzlar. Herbers disagreed with his team's performance: "We did not implement anything of what we set out to do, and regardless of that, I'd have wished that the referee had started to whistle the little fouls too." Yes, the robust Wetzlar boarding did not taste Freiburg II at all. The FSV was either one step faster on the ball or fought it with consistent pressure on the ball leader. Nevertheless, both teams entertained the 120 spectators with beautiful combinations, short passes and quick switching.

Leader SC Freiburg II disappointed all along the line

When after the restart Antonia Rau (48.) appeared after a fine pass from Efimenko alone in front of goal and missed the lead again, a murmur went through the stadium for the first time: It was the fourth big chance to lead – and not infrequently retaliated the negligent Skipping such opportunities later. That's the way it should be that day. But first the FSV rewarded 180 seconds later: It was Rau – this time surrounded by four Freiburg defense specialists – who sank an Efimenko pass to 1: 0. Selina Heinzeroth (60th) could have closed the bag, but her shot bounced off the inside post back into the field. After captain Jacky Klippert had seen a questionable yellow and red card (90. + 2), it became hectic. The last corner kick for the SCF II finally gathered 18 players in the penalty area and Leonie Lorenz pushed to 1: 1 (95) one. "That was such a riot, I did not even see how the ball landed in the goal," described Beffart the situation. Her coach Marco Ebert, representing Julia Schlothauer, who was on holiday, was looking for the annoying late equalizer after the positive: "If someone had told us before the match that we were taking a point, we would have nodded and thanked us, but we have everything implemented what we set out to do. "

Wetzlar: Beffart – Martin, Simbeck, Klippert, Oppelland – Heinzeroth, Hisenaj, Bruckel, Wickert (75th Kundermann) – Efimenko (88th Ozen), Rau (90th TrOller).

Freiburg II: Borggrafe – Seifritz (46th Bantle), Ezebinyuo (86th Lorenz), Gutmann, Zufle – Philipzen, Beyer, Kbida, Fockers – Reinhardt – Ziegler.

Referee: Cakovic (Fulda) – Spectator: 120 – Gates: 1: 0 Rau (51.), 1: 1 Lorenz (90. + 5) – yellow-red card: Klippert (Wetzlar, 90. + 2) due to repeated foul play.

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