FunPlus PhoeniX 3-0 G2 Esports: FPX wins the “Worlds 2019” of League of Legends with overwhelming victory nnda nnlt Esports


G2 Esports it was the European hope for the region to raise a glass in the Worlds 2019 from League of Legendsbut a passionate FunPlus PhoeniX got in the way and had no mercy against the squad of Ocelot, who fell under the team of the LPL with a crushing 3-0 to the best of 5.

There was a lot of expectation with this final of League of Legends World Cup 2019, since these two teams had not been the favorites of their regions. In fact, it was a surprise to all fans that even SKT Telecom T1, the team that has won the most in its history, will fall under G2 Esports in the semifinals

For their part, many analysts had predicted that FunPlus PhoeniX he would lose soon, but he advanced unstoppably to the quarterfinals where they again predicted his fall, although this time his teamwork highlighted them until he took them to the final.

While this is a team work, the MVP (Most Valuable Player) of all the games of Worlds 2019 it was for Tianthe jungle of FPX who played with Read without during the three clashes against G2 Esports.

“Honestly this is an honor I did not expect. I played during all the games in order to do everything that was required of me, that's why I didn't expect it, ” commented Tian during the final interview of the Worlds 2019.

“I always heard on social media that‘ Tian plays as such a player xxxx ’or‘ looks like xxxx ’. Today I have come to prove that I am not like any other. I am Tian and I play as Tian. ” He ended up emphasizing his good performance that is due only to his effort and not to copy other people's playing styles.

Tian, ​​FPX jungle, won the Worlds MVP 2019 (Photo: League of Legends)
Tian, ​​FPX jungle, won the Worlds MVP 2019 (Photo: League of Legends)

In the same way, during one of the interviews that took place on the main stage after the victory, Lwx made a controversial comment that quickly replicated on social networks: "I don't think we won because we played well, I think G2 Esports didn't play".

Doinb, who accompanied him in the interview, did not comment on the matter and continued with questions about the path of FPX to victory, attributing the great teamwork that each of his players did during the whole stage: "We have waited more than 40 days to say this: We are champions!".

In addition, he took the moment to thank his girlfriend, saying that if it had not been for her he would have even considered the possibility of retiring. The story of both was viral since she commented that Doinb he had promised to take her to Paris, but neither expected FPX he will win Worlds 2019.

Finally, G2 Esports with his coach and founder Carlos ‘Ocelote’ Rodriguez They returned to the main stadium to say goodbye to their audience. ‘Ocelot'He tried to give a small interview, but he could only thank his fans before breaking in front of all the spectators.

"I just want to thank all the fans who came here, their online support, the production team, the managers, the coach, the team of course … it was an incredible year … FunPlusPhoeniX played very well and deserve this victory … It's hard to see it now because we have lost but we should be proud of all its players. ” He managed to say before leaving because he could not continue with his statements to the public.

To close this event, it was confirmed that the following 2020 League of Legends World Cup he would be staying in China, in Shanghai specifically, and a "crystal baton" was presented to a government culture representative representing his commitment to house the Worlds 2020 for next year.

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