FunPlus Phoenix does not give option to G2 and takes the LoL World Championship


It could not be. G2 esports, our only European representative in the Worlds 2019 final after beating SK Telecom T1 was defeated in the Paris final 3-0 against FunPlus Phoenix, who had the favorite poster for most analysts.

In this way, the Chinese team becomes the new League of Legends World Champion (If it had been G2 we would also have an unprecedented one) and the trophy for China is again won after the victory of Invictus Gaming last year 2018.

As the result demonstrates, G2 was not at the level he treasured so far and could not cope with a team led by Doinb, who gave the lead to his teammate Tian, ​​MVP of these finals.

G2 esports had a shot to get a dream year in which they had won, after their victories this season in LEC and MSI, but the icing on the cake, this Worlds 2019 that today comes to an end, it goes back to China, precisely the place where the 2020 World Cup will be held in the city of Shanghai.

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