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He FunPlus Phoenix World video game champion has been proclaimed this SundayLeague of Legends'by sweeping 3-0 at'G2 Esports'European, completely dominating the Paris final to score his first world title, the second of a Chinese team in the history of the' Worlds'.

Not even the thunder of thousands of throats managed to placate this Sunday in the French capital the torrent of funPlus Phoenix Chinese, which prevented G2 Esports from becoming the first European team to win the World League of Legends final.

There are probably not many events in the world capable of bringing together young people who have traveled from such disparate and remote places as Costa Rica, Los Angeles or Tokyo under one roof, with only one goal: to live live the passion of the end of the video game more popular of the moment, informs EFE.

The World League of Legends scene has new dominators: the Chinese teams, which were imposed in 2018 with the team Invictus and in this 2019 they repeated the feat with FunPlus. A new hegemony that displaces the squads of South Korea, winners of the five previous championships.

And history repeats itself, since the Chinese team raised the 'Summoned Cupr 'passing over a European team: if last year it was' Fnatic' this year has been 'G2 Esports', which not even the Parisian support allowed it to win, especially dominated in the second round.

Tiang, MVP

The Chinese Gao Tian-Liang 'Tiang', who plays the position of 'jungle' was chosen as the most valuable player in a final in which his compatriot also stood out Lin Wei-Xiang 'Lwx' on the bottom line and South Korean Kim Han-saem 'Gimgoon' on the top line, one of the two non-Chinese FunPlus players.

Europe lost the opportunity again to win the world championship of 'League of Legends', the most followed video game of the 'eSports', in which two teams of five players (who choose magical creatures or' champions') fight to destroy the rival nexus, the structure located in each corner of the board that defends each team, which is accessed by three paths ( upper, central and lower), protected by towers, inhibitors and small warriors.

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