Gabriel Deck, on the possibility of playing in the NBA: "I know that some clubs follow me, but …"


        The Real Madrid forward acknowledged that several US teams are interested in him.       </p><div>

After winning the silver medal in the China Basketball World Cup 2019 representing the Argentina National Team, Gabriel Deck went back to Real Madrid with the intention of earning a place in the starting team. Following his good performances, the forward became a fundamental piece of the cast he commands Pablo Laso. In an interview with Infobae, the one born in Colonia Dora referred to the chance of moving to the NBA.

His first testimonies had to do with his adaptation in Spain. “I thought it would cost me more to get used to Madrid, but no. Perhaps for having lived a couple of years in Buenos Aires, a city quite similar to Madrid. The Real Madrid costumes are different from the National Team, although there is also good vibes, the best atmosphere and energy. We get along very well and that is key for us to do well, ”he explained.

After, Deck He talked about the relationship that exists with the other Argentines who play in the Old continent. “We always want to see each other and we are in contact, even if we play in different teams. And yes, it is true that we feel like brothers, maybe something similar to what happened with the Golden Generation. And it is also clear that the World Cup, everything incredible that happened to us, helped to strengthen the relationship between all. It is a beautiful relationship that we hope to keep for a long time, ”he said.

Asked about the possibility of becoming a player of the NBA, he Turtle He was blunt: “I know that some teams follow me, but today I don't think about that. I am very calm and well here, in such an important club, of the best of Europe. It is clear that one boy always dreams of the NBA, but I prefer to go day by day, do things right here and then in the future will be seen. I enjoy Real today. ”

To end, Gabriel He gave details of some aspects of his game. “I just try to find a way to fit in the teams, I see what they need from me and I try to do it. I seek to contribute things that are not in the numbers and help us win. Well, capable that it seems that I want to stop being a worker to become a figure because now I am making more offensive decisions, but I am sure that if a party does not have to throw the hoop, I will not. I play for the team, to win. Personally, I am calm, outside the court and that is reflected inside. I also try to be, too, because I know everything is easier. The other day, when I had to define the game, for me it was one more action. And I am convinced that I will always do well. For me, play where you play, basketball is still a sport, where you win and lose, ”he concluded.


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