Gabriel Torres celebrates with his family and travels directly to Panama after winning the South American Cup


After a first dark semester at the University of Chile, Gabriel Torres decided to emigrate to Independiente del Valle with the best results: this Saturday he was crowned South American cup champion in the first international title of Ecuadorians.

But there was no time for too many celebrations at the La Nueva Olla de Asuncion stadium. Gaby had to take the first direct flight via Panama, to join the national team without even removing the medal from his neck.

The sugarcane team will face Mexico's team next Friday on the fifth date of the Nations League group stage. Torres will not have rest time but he can celebrate the crown in his country.

In Asuncion, the striker was accompanied by his family, with whom he was portrayed and played on the court during the celebration. "Happy with the great work the whole team has done within the club. This belongs to everyone and I think we deserved to win," he reflected.

Torres was instrumental in the classification of Independiente to the final, after scoring the two goals of the team's victory over Corinthians in the semifinals. In Chile he wore the shirts of the U and Huachipato.

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