Galaxy Fold survives extreme test: Samsung Falthandy repairs almost by itself


Surprise on our review unit: Just a few days after the end of our endurance test, in which we had the Galaxy Fold folded by a robot 200,000 times, the Galaxy Fold ceases to crack, even though the hinges are still showing signs of severe wear and tear.

How can that be? Our CHIP test engineers have a strong suspicion: the creaking could have been caused by the back of the Fold housing rubbing against the cover of the hinge. After the test robot torture our test director Wolfgang Pauler used the Galaxy Fold in the following days extensively. Presumably a little bit of grease sticks to the cover of the fine greasy film on the hand, so that the opening and closing of the fold is now more supple and free of creaking than directly after the 200,000 folds.

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