Gallardo spoke before the game: "The love of the people I have to give back with work"


Marcelo Gallardo got up early for the game that River and Rosario Central play in the atypical schedule of 11 in the morning.

And against what many say, the Doll showed that his morning mood is the best, perhaps because of the great news that once again has his team.

Minutes before the start of the game, the coach agreed to the brief consultations of the journalist Marcelo Benedetto and referred to the love that every weekend the fans of the Millionaire offer him.

"The repetitive one, but people always show affection in that way and I have to give it back with work"he expressed.

Regarding the farewell of the fans in the Monumental, since it is the last game that River will play in his stadium before the final of the Copa Libertadores against Flamengo, Gallardo said: "We are going to focus on what we have first. Beyond knowing what it means to be again in a decisive instance, at the end of Copa Libertadores."

And I add: "We have a week ahead of two important games prior to that duel."

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