GALLERY | Colo Colo surpassed Colchagua by a 6-1 overall in a closed-door friendly at Monumental | Give Albo


Colo Colo came from a bad run in friendly duels during this recess in the local championship due to social demonstrations.

The Cacique received 10 goals in the last two games behind closed doors in the Monumental: he lost with Union Espanola 5-2 and then fell to O'Higgins de Rancagua 5-0.

That so far, that Colo Colo managed to recover and start implementing the plan for the return of the National Tournament which is scheduled for next weekend where the albos must face UC in San Carlos de Apoquindo.

Colchagua arrived at the Monumental Stadium on Saturday where 2 games of 60 minutes each were played, that is, four times. Although the Horseshoe started up on the scoreboard, finally Colo Colo won by a 6-1 overall, thus cutting the bad streak in the friendlies.

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