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Loyal assistant to Rudi Garcia for years, Frederic Bompard is not part of the Lyon adventure of the former OM coach. With a lot of bitterness obviously.

A simple SMS … This is how Frederic Bompard learned that it would not be the new challenge proposed to Rudi Garcia on the side of Lyon. This despite 15 years of complicity marked by various common experiences in Dijon, Lille, Rome and, last season, in Marseille. "It's like a mourning", blows the former assistant coach of the OM in the pages of the Sunday Diary.

While Rudi Garcia landed in the capital of Gaul with Claude Fichaux at his side, Frederic Bompard, he was obviously too much for an OL who saw a good eye the arrival of a technician without too many requirements. terms of staff. So he does not take more tweezers when he refers to his former sidekick. "I hope that Rudi has made the point on his side, because together we never debriefed what did not work last season …"

And to point out this annoying trend that could have had Rudi Garcia to clear the neck to the detriment of his team when the boat pitched. "Hiding behind the players is easy"sighs Frederic Bompard, an ex-collaborator who does not add too much to that said, unlike the agent of anonymous players who, in the same columns of JDD, defines the one that since 2016 is now "persona non grata" in Rome: "He is a short-termist, selfish and careerist. He tells you what you need to hear to bring what he wants for a while."

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