General election results 10N 2019 in Alzira


The election results of the general elections of 10N in Alzira they start to be available after eight o'clock on Sunday afternoon, once all polling stations close.

However, depending on the population of each locality of the Valencian Community, the process of counting votes may be lengthened more or be almost immediate. All it depends on how many polling stations there are in each municipal term and of the possible incidents that arise in each of them. Even so, the forecast is that the count be faster than in other general elections since, on this occasion, the elections do not coincide with any other election date, as happened on April 28.

Here you can consult live and the last hour of the results of the 10N general elections in Alzira:

All the information of the 10N elections

Check in Lift-EMV all the information of the 2019 general election candidates, the programs of each match for this new appointment with the polls and the news, curiosities and highlights of the election campaign. You can also access the 10N election results in Valencia, Alicante Y Castello, in addition to, for the first time, the results of the general elections 2019 in Basin, watershed, catchment area, socket, bowl, hollow.

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