General election results for November 2019 in the Barcelona area


Once the prewash at maximum temperature has been completed to re-treat the stain that did not appear in the last electoral casting and after completing the intense phase of the centrifuge campaign, it was time to hang the clothes and check the pattern of the clothesline Metropolitan Barcelona The red of the Barcelona conurbation shines on the roof of the Barcelona conurbation PSC with the usual intensity, with a slight decrease that does not prevent that one of every three votes is still taken to the bag in a good part of the most populated cities, such as L'Hospitalet, Cornella and Santa Coloma de Gramenet.

A domain that also occurs in locations of the second crown of Barcelona, although with the most distributed forces. It does in Killed, with 23% of votes, and the cocapitales of Valles Occidental, where the socialism harvest 22.6% of support in Terrassa and almost 24% in Sabadell You have to go to Garraf, to find the exception in Sitges, the only one of the great cities of the metropolitan environment that is dedicated to the lilac of In Comu Podem, with 23.35% and a small setback of two percentage points compared to the general elections of seven months ago.

Purple seems far from being a fashion trend and consolidates itself as the second electoral reference in a good handful of metropolitan populations, with percentages that are located in a fork that goes from 16% to 19%, as in Esplugues, L'Hospitalet or Badalona, where they cut distances with the socialists.

From green to yellow

The vox strength It also reaches the Barcelona conurbation, doubling the records of 28-A, but with results of between 6% and 8% It does not happen to be the fifth or sixth most voted force. And although still far from being able to condition the color arrangement, also here advance citizens on the right in most of these constituencies. Orange is also the most blurred color of this metropolitan electoral casting, as they have given a good account among the PP rows, the other big beneficiary of its debacle, when reaping increases that go from 50% to almost double results in Cornella (from 3.7% to 7.05%).

Among the yellow sovereignist, ERC nails its figures seven months ago in most municipalities, which allows it to continue as a third force in discord in numerous places. Worst luck runs JxCat, far away again from the top positions with the exception of cities such as Mataro, Sabadell and Terrassa, where the support of between 10% and 11% takes you to the fourth position.

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