General Elections 10N: Forced to breastfeed while presiding over a table in Port de Sagunt


A neighbor of the Port of Sagunt, Aurora Justiniano, has been forced today to breastfeed her 10-month-old baby while presiding over a table of the 10N general elections, under the eyes of all those who came there to cast their vote.

Although from the outset he submitted allegations to his appointment, claiming that he should breastfeed "on demand" and without a fixed schedule, from the Electoral Board his request was rejected "unanimously" since now only that assumption is contemplated for babies up to 9 months.

"It seems to me ashamed that my allegations were rejected. That is something that they would have to change. What happens, that up to 9 months this causes a justified resignation and without alleging anything but with 10 months of the baby not? What criteria do they take to that difference? Because we talk about totally dependent babies and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends not abandoning breastfeeding until two years of age, or later, "commented Levante-EMV without hiding their anger after a day that It has not been easy for her.

"They have had to be taking him and bringing him with the discomforts and the added stress that he has brought, in addition to the fact of breastfeeding him in public … It is the first time I have had to separate so much time from him because of the" conciliation facilities "family and work, I have stopped working to take care of him. We have spent the whole day together since he was born, less today, but nothing less that they threaten you with jail if you do not come," he said.

Therefore, he advocated that the exemption for breastfeeding be extended to two years and because throughout Spain, homogeneous criteria such as those recently adopted in Torrelodones (Madrid) are adopted, where it has been accepted that a woman is not a member of a polling station by Be breastfeeding your 20 month old daughter. "To me, what they only told me is that it would be all at the personal discretion of the substitute at the table, but the truth is that I have not even told him about my case. Everything has been quick and immediately the substitutes are gone. Also, I don't think this should be left to the personal criteria of another neighbor. The criteria should be unified. "

Along with this, it was concise that personal circumstances should be taken into account. "Not only is my baby breastfeeding. Every 30 or 40 minutes he wakes up at night, so I've had to be here at 8 in the morning, almost without sleep and then we'll see when we finish," he said in addition to doubting that "one of those who has made that decision at the Sagunt Electoral Board is a woman who knows what it is like to go through this whole situation."

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