General elections 10N: Vox obtains a second seat thanks to its votes in Barcelona | Catalonia


When Santiago Abascal announced, this Sunday night, the two deputies obtained in Barcelona, ​​the shouts of celebration in front of the party headquarters increased in decibels. The spectacular growth that Vox experienced also echoed in Catalonia, where it managed to double the number of seats, although with much more modest numbers than in the whole of Spain. A total of 240,294 Catalans voted for the ultra-rightist formation (6.3% of the census), which is about 92,000 votes more than in the elections of April 28. The majority did so in the province of Barcelona, ​​where he won both seats in Congress. Vox was placed as the seventh force in Catalonia, even ahead of Citizens.

Ignacio Garriga, head of the list for Barcelona, ​​won a seat in Congress on 28-A and repeated last night. Son of immigrants – his mother is from Equatorial Guinea and his father, Catalan -, Garriga is an atypical candidate, who uses his skin color as an argument to deny that Vox is racist. Born in Barcelona in 1987, Garriga has launched nods to Franco and is a strong advocate of the unity of Spain and its Catholic roots. "Spain will be Christian or it won't be," he said at the close.

The Congress will be accompanied by number two from the list for Barcelona, ​​the lawyer Juan Jose Aizcorbe Torra. Councilor in Pozuelo de Alarcon (Madrid), Aizcorbe was a lawyer for Franco's heirs in a legal dispute – which he won – over the ownership of sculptures in Santiago de Compostela. Linked to the Intereconomy Group, Aizcorbe (Barcelona, ​​1959) defines itself as "Catholic, Spanish and Catalan." He was in the ranks of the Catalan PP and last April he was already a candidate (without success) of Vox to Congress. In 1982, Aizcorbe occupied the number four in the lists for the general elections of the formation of extreme right New Force.

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