Gerardo Morales destroyed the PRO


The governor of Jujuy, Gerardo Morales, referred to the political future of Cambiemos and pointed against Jaime Duran Barba, the POR and Maurcio Macri.

The radical leader gave an extensive interview to Profile where he left strong definitions about the electoral defeat in the 2019 Elections and revealed that he advanced the elections in his province so as not to lose by drag.

Morales aimed to consolidate Cambiemos, but noted that first Macri will have to conduct the PRO and launched some political chicanes. "For Mauricio Macri, it will be a challenge to be part of the Cambiemos driving table. For that, he must first order the PRO," he said.

While considering: "It is one thing to order your party as president and another from the ground. The PRO also has to improve its institutionality and its decision-making system."

As for the election, the Jujeno governor stressed that it may be that some macristas "make mistakes and believe that instead of having lost, they won" and called "to have their feet on the ground."

"We in radicalism say that those of the PRO are not as accustomed to losing as we are. I was four times a candidate for governor. If there is someone who has been beaten, he has also won, it is I. In radicalism we know of defeats and triumphs. , and good choices. You have to get used to winning and losing, "Chicaneo.

In that sense, he questioned the strategies organized by Duran Barba for the elections and raised as important errors the failure to promote a third way to divide votes and not to have split the elections in the Province of Buenos Aires.

"It was the two mistakes that put the election result. All in the framework of a critical economic situation that would make it unthinkable for someone to get 40% of the votes," he said.

And he shot: "The strategic error is due to the influence of Duran Barba, who has been working for a long time. It represents a way of thinking about politics. We from the radicalism have another look, more realistic and less tied to big data issues and of a series of situations. "

In tune, he considered the polarization with Kirchnerism as another fault and highlighted the value of Sergio Massa so that the Frente de Todos achieved victory in the general elections. "The 15% that it has in the province of Buenos Aires served Axel Kicillof to enhance a result. The strategic failure of Duran Barba and those who follow him had to do with this idea of ​​polarization. It was what led Alberto to Fernandez and Cristina Kirchner obtained an important difference in the STEP, "he said.

Morales won the elections for governor after advancing the dates to prevent them from coinciding with the national election, a strategy that, according to him, Maria Eugenia Vidal should also use to win. "If it were radical I would have advanced the elections," he said.

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