Giant ice eggs cover a beach


Could the Finnish island of Hailuoto, in the north of Finland, close to the Swedish border, have an invasion of ostriches? We could almost believe it, but what covers this beach are not eggs, but ice cubes. Several walkers were able to take pictures of this strange phenomenon that happened last Sunday and posted their photos on Instagram, pictures taken in the press around the world.

According to one of the witnesses quoted by the BBC, living in the area, it was the first time in 25 years that he attended such a show. According to him, these ice cubes were the size of a chicken egg for the little ones and that of a soccer ball for the biggest ones. They covered an area of ​​about 30 meters by the sea. That day, he said, the weather was nice, the temperature was -1 ° C and there was quite a bit of wind.

Polished by the waves and the wind

The conditions were therefore ideal for such a phenomenon to occur, according to the weather expert of the BBC. These are small ice cubes that get bigger when the sea water freezes over them when the wind and the waves make them roll. Similar phenomena had been observed before, always on the shores, especially on Lake Michigan or Siberia.

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