Gil Navarro: "If you get something in the adductor, Enzo Perez misses the final"


The slip that Enzo Perez had in the first half against Rosario Central, who left him with muscular discomfort, continues to sow doubts beyond which Marcelo Gallardo decided, with the approval of the player, to leave him on the pitch.

According to the journalist Javier Gil Navarro, we will have to wait to find out what the football player really felt at his adductor and why this nuisance was due.

"If he gets something in the adductor, Enzo Perez misses the final", expressed minutes after the end of the meeting.

And I add: "Gallardo decided to leave it and it was noticed that it was not the same as always. I was struck that it has not been replaced, obviously Enzo Perez knows his body".

Asked about the probable alignment of River for the final of Copa Libertadores against Flamengo, the journalist reinstated a doubt regarding the midfielder.

"I want to wait to see what Enzo Perez has before thinking about the team for the final"he concluded.

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